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Shudokan Karate Club Springfield Birthday Parties are the Ultimate in Fun and Excitement!

We love to celebrate birthday's just as much as the birthday child does!

And here at Shudokan Karate Club at Springfield, Illinois, we believe we've figured out a way to let martial arts make them even more FUN than they already are.

In fact, our way gives the kids a unique environment to celebrate in and also lets their parents unwind in a fashion they can't when they have to throw the party themselves. Everybody comes out a winner! But this is especially true for the kids, and that's what birthdays and good times are all about.

So Here's What WE Do

First, we mix the birthday joy in with a FUN-FILLED Group Karate lesson where your kid actually gets to be the assistant director. And one of the activities he'll be assistant-directing is learning how to break boards with complete safety.

Kids adore breaking boards with well-placed karate kicks. It's hard to stop them once they get going. We delightfully let them blast away

Then, we hold the birthday party right here at our studios. We get a charge out of this.

Immediately after class, pizza, juice and punch are served. And the other kids still get to give their presents to the birthday child, just like they always do anywhere else. Whatever party favors they also care to bring, we let them bring. This way, everybody gets to feel just like they're at home. Isn't that the point? After all, this is a FUN day.

To round out the festivities, not only will your kid get to personally cut the cake, but he'll do it THRILLINGLY with a REAL SAMURAI SWORD and, of course, a little assistance from our Black Belt karate instructor. Your child's imagination runs wild. He's the Samurai warrior with the real McCoy to work with. He's a movie hero for a day! A real swashbuckler! We joyfully leave him to his flights of fantasy.

Again, talk about the ultimate WIN-WIN situation. The kids love it because they get to combine their day with karate presented in a very special way along with birthday frolic, and the parents love it because it is all highly supervised and they don't need to worry about putting the function on themselves. No hassles, just a good time all the way around.

And that means you parents don't even have to be concerned with cleaning up all of the mess left over. We handle that too. The only challenge mom and dad have is trying to have as good a time as the kids are having. It's a small wonder the parents love this event as well.

We can't wait to help. As we've said, martial arts is a way of life and birthday parties are an important part of living. It's actually consistent with part of what we teach, which is mixing with people without sacrificing your individuality. That's what happens here and it feels great on our end as well.

Birthday parties are also an important part of loving. They recognize just how important that little tyke is and that boosts his sense of self-worth. KNOWING you are loved rather than just thinking you are makes all the difference in the world. And we are simply THRILLED to be a part of that process.

So please, call us at 217-787-9092 and let's get that special birthday party planned. We have various packages and options for your consideration.

We’re waiting for you! All the FUN is just around the corner.


Shudokan Karate Club Springfield - 1453 N. Bradfordton Road Springfield, Illinois 62711 / Phone: 217-787-9092
We are located at 1453 North Bradfordton Road just 200 feet south of the light on Jefferson and Bradfordton.
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